Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more commonly asked questions about our service...

Does the quality of the beams matter? I’m sure in parts of the house they will be very good and perhaps in other parts they have been painted to hide stuff? 
In short, no, they will all harmonise with one another and look similar, however our process highlights the natural grain of the wood so those that have a nicer grain will naturally be more beautiful.

Can the process affect the beams? What if some of the beams come away when doing the process?
If the beams are soft or fragile we can make these hard and stable before we start the process. If there are areas of lime or excess paint we will gently remove this before we begin our work.

Can the process be applied to old doors / stairways as well so the colours match as a lot of the doors have been painted / stained to match?
Yes, we treat old doors and the frame, stairs are dependent on a number of factors so we need to asses these individually.
Should my decorators come in before or after?
Ideally your decorators will have done all of their preparation work (not getting anything on the beams) and then do the final coat once we have completed the work.

Is the quote a fixed quote?
Yes, once I have given you a quote it will be fixed, so will be the date that I offer you and the time frame in which we will complete the work.

The only reason the quote might change is if additional work is added or we might need to requote due to a time lapse in starting the actual work.

Client Testimonials

The beams,once dark and formidable,
are now warm and enticing.
Peter has worked tirelessly,with the attention to detail
of a true craftsman.

Neal Williams | Derbyshire

We are absolutely delighted with the transformation of our dark, waxy, beams to their original light oak colour which has lightened up all the rooms, making each one a pleasure to enter. Nicholas is extremely knowledgeable about old timber-framed buildings and he and his team were professional, efficient and tidy in all the work they did! It was a pleasure to deal with “Back from Black”. Thank you so much for all you’ve done to re-vitalise our cottage!

Clyde & Heather Young | Heathfield

Back from Black transformed all of the beams in our cottage in just a few days and as they promised without any mess. All of the grime, paint splotches, water marks and dark colouring magically disappeared and left a lovely pale weathered oak finish with all the old character in the wood enhanced.

Mr. & Mrs. Powell | Berkshire

I cannot believe the transformation in my cottage. Professional and prompt from the initial enquiry to when they left my home yesterday this Company were great to deal with.

We were so impressed with them and the outcome - goodbye black beams hello warm and welcoming rooms. Thank you Nick and Co!

Viv Berkeley | Bedfordshire

We are so happy, your work is amazing, stunning, clever. You have taken a Tudor farmhouse that felt like and old pub and turned it into a beautiful historic home. We are going to enjoy this house so much thanks to you. My parents live in Grade II house 20mins away, and they want their beams done!

P. Vellaccott | Raw TV Ltd.

We are delighted with the result, the house looks and feels so much warmer!

Rebecca | Suffolk

As you know, we are very pleased indeed with our beams. We can hardly believe that such a massive transformation has been completed in one week. If only it could all be done that quickly.

Mrs R. | Biddenden, Kent

We love the new beams – so much nicer than before, and everyone is admiring them. It has made such a big difference to both rooms, so thank you so much…

Charlie & Helen | Kent

I am so thrilled with my new beams, they have transformed the rooms!

Also could I say how great your workers were, polite, thorough and quick, couldn't be more pleased, what a painless experience.

Georgina | Surrey

We are really pleased with the results – its given the house a real facelift and a warmth we didn't have before. Please pass on our thanks to your team who worked really hard and for their thoughtful and discreet way in which they carried out the work.

Jerry | Kent